Carl Albing currently an Assoc. Professor of Computer Sciene at Bethel University, Arden Hills, MN. He recently spent two years as a Research Professor in the Data Science and Analytics Group at the Naval Postgraduate School. Prior to that he taught Computer Science at the U.S. Naval Academy. Before entering academia he wrote software for some of the biggest and fastest computers in the world as a software engineer for Cray Inc. Carl is the co-author of three books, his first one on Java development on Linux, then the O'Reilly "bash Cookbook" (now in its second edition!), and his latest, "Rapid Cybersecurity Operations: Attack, Defend and Analyze with bash", as well as a video series on bash, "Great Bash".

A software consultant, manager, analyst and programmer with an amazing breadth of software experience, Carl has worked with companies in the US, Canada and Europe. He has worked for large companies and small startups, in technical as well as in managerial and marketing roles. Carl's software projects have involved the design and development of distributed computing software, medical image processing applications, compilers, medical devices, web-based factory floor automation, and more.

Carl's education includes a Ph.D. in Computer Science as well as a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.I.M., (c.f., International MBA). He has spoken at conferences and training seminars in the US, Canada and Europe as well as local high schools and colleges. Carl enjoys speaking at user groups and seminars on Supercomputers (HPC), Linux, and bash.

Books, Videos by Carl et al.

"Cybersecurity Ops with bash"
by Paul Troncone and Carl Albing
O'Reilly Media, Inc.
April, 2019

book cover

"bash Cookbook"
by Carl Albing and JP Vossen,
O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Oct, 2017

book cover

"Java Application Development on Linux"
by Carl Albing and Michael Schwarz
PrenticeHall/PTR January, 2005
ISBN 978-0131436978

video cover

"Great Bash (video)"
by Carl Albing
O'Reilly Media, Inc.
February, 2011